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LUSH Cosmetics Haul

August 22, 2018

A few years ago my college roommate introduced me to LUSH Cosmetics. I’ve been a “bath” person and love different treatments, masks, skin products and so on. LUSH is wonderful because they use all natural products that you could literally eat in some instances, although I wouldn’t recommend it! HA!

Since LUSH is NO where near my home and the closest one is a little over 2 hours away, my mom and I make sure to stock up on our favorites and new products when we find a store. Coming back from Orlando, we made a pit stop and as you can see, we got a haul!

So, what’s in our haul? Some products we’ve used and some we haven’t! Let’s get started:

Cup O’Coffee– A longtime favorite of mine, you can get dirty in the tub, smell like coffee and come out with literal glowing skin from this exfoliator!

Angels on Bare Skin– This popular face wash is new to us for trying!

The Sacred Truth– This is a Fresh Face Mask and requires refrigeration. New for my mom to try!

Wiccy Magic Muscles – We purchased this after we tested it in the store…wow! Will be great for using on tired muscles!

Honey I Washed the Kids – I love all things honey and this is made with real fair-traded honey! It’s a soap and is meant to moisturize skin.

Furze – One of a few bath oils, they are new to LUSH’s line up. This smells heavenly with real floral scents.

Revelations – Another bath oil that we are eager to try!

Dreamtime – This bath oil is meant to be used at night before bed.

Flower’s Barrow – As pretty as it smells, another bath oil with floral notes.

Oil on Troubled Water – A bit of a musky scent bath oil, I’m eager to use!

Cloak of Invisibility – I immediately loved this bath oil, smells divine!

Plum Rain (sample) – Plum Rain is a shower gel sample they gave us but I’ve used it before and really love it! It’s made with real plum juice.

Olive Branch (sample) – I love Olive Branch shower gel and was excited to get a sample.

Dirty Springwash (sample) – This shower gel smelled delicious…excited to try.

Metamorphosis (2 total) – I’ve heard wonderful things about the Metamorphosis bath bomb and got one for each of us.

Sex Bomb (2 total) – Sex Bomb is my favorite bath bomb (with Blue Ocean and Intergalactic being close follow ups).

Scrubee (2 total) – We got two of these after hearing raving in-store reviews and trying it…so soft and smooth on your skin and can be used after you shave.

You’ve Been Mangoed (2 total) – Another two bath oils we loved the smell of.

Marilyn Hot Oil Treatment – LUSH recently retired the Marilyn pre-wash treatment (can still buy online) so I was excited to see the array of hot oil hair treatments in store. This is for. blondes and you get 2-3 uses.

Queen Bee – Another hair treatment meant for use during the styling process and controls frizz.

Outback Mate – Another soap that smelled wonderful and just as pretty!

Sultana of Soap – We bought this to use in the winter months for extra moisture and protection.

Bunny Moon – One of their newest face jellies, I’m so excited to try this!

Oatifix – Hands down my top LUSH product, this is a Fresh Face Mask with bananas, vanilla extract and almonds.

Unicorn Horn – Lastly, a fun little bubble bar that is sparkly and fun to use!