5 Ways To Get Inspired

March 12, 2018

Ever feel in a slump and not sure how to overcome it? Becoming inspired sometimes needs a manual. As I was searching the other day to overcome my own creative slump, five things popped into my head that I could do to become more inspired when I feel like I’m drowning in stress, becoming too overwhelmed, or feeling less than normal. I’m sharing five tips on becoming inspired, and helping you stay inspired below!

Listen to a podcast

Something I absolutely love doing while sitting in my 9-5 is listen to podcasts. Not only can I catch up on Elevation Church’s weekly messages to feed my spiritual life, but I also feed my entrepreneur side. Lately, I’ve been binge-listening to Jenna Kutcher’s Goal Digger. Trust me when I say, you’ll be immediately inspired and find an old flame of redemption coming back to you. Give it a listen for free on iTunes or her website!

Create a Pinterest mood board

I love utilizing Pinterest for not only my blog (which BTW you can now shop all of my looks there, too!), but for inspiration, too. Where do you think the word “pinspiration” came from?? One thing I find myself doing more often, besides strategically organizing and categorizing my boards, is creating mood boards. Whether they are private for working projects or public so I can feed my followers, I love creating inspired boards that help me visualize what I need.

Spend time in nature (disconnect)

Whether it’s going for a walk or sitting alone in the grass, disconnecting to be inspired is healthy for all of us. Spending time in nature has always been an easy, non-committed way that I can spend time with my thoughts and focus on what I need. Sometimes it’s just being alone to recharge or recover mentally, other times it might look like searching for thought-provoking perspectives for my blog.¬†Either way, it’s important we take the time to leave our phone at the door and step outside for a breath of (literal) fresh air.

Brainstorm with a real pen and real piece of paper

One of my favorite things in graduate school was operational management. In that course, we had to literally take a piece of paper, no computer, and draw strategies and chain reactions. Sparing my nerd-rant, it was mentally charging to see my hand make connections with my thought process. When I start to feel in a slump or need to overcome writer’s block, I reach for a journal, notebook or scrap piece of paper. Seeing your inspired thoughts take form on paper can be crazy enlightening!

Talk it out (find a bouncer)

Lastly, find a bouncer and talk about it. After I spend so much time alone, I need someone (a bouncer) to hear me out. I call that person a bouncer because I need to “bounce” my inspired ideas off of them and get feedback in the process. Whether that’s a mentor, friend, spouse or even a stranger, having someone to hear your thought process is beneficial. It’s also helpful to hear your thoughts translate from brain to mouth!