Self-Care Saturdays

July 15, 2018

When I was an RA in college one thing they hammered into us was “self-care.” I’d never had the chance to truly practice self-care until after dealing with a lot of different people for hours on end, I needed a break! Since then, I’ve done my best to read myself and know when it’s time to take a step back.

Working full steam and having busy work after schedules, it can be difficult to take advantage of a free Saturday and treat yourself, if even just for 30-minutes! Today I’m sharing my five favorite ways to indulge in self-care on a low-key Saturday.

Take a long bath – Baths are literally my favorite things in the world. I love steamy hot water, my favorite face mask and no cell phone near me while I soak. I religiously use LUSH Cosmetics as a special treat or soak in Dr. Teal’s bath salts. I also like to use Young Living essential oils in my bath water, such as lavender or peppermint to relax or de-stress. Baths are the perfect me-time to let your hair mask set in, your face mask do its magic and your water to smell heavenly!

Read for an hour – I love reading and have some future posts planned to share reading lists and some book reviews. But sometimes time doesn’t let me read as much as I’d like, so I make sure when I have a free space to read for as much as I can. Saturdays are perfect to try and steal an hour away to catch up, finish or start something new!

Organize my spaces – This might sound like work, but trust me on this, organizing is a huge stress relief for me. I love taking extra time to organize my shirts by color or handbags by brand. Nothing makes me feel accomplished and relaxed more than organizing.

Walk the dog– My two puppies love going for walks and I love spending time with them! Dogs and humans have a special bond and after spending time with each of them, they always make me feel better!

Craft– Crafting is one thing I can throw all of my money away on. I love all kinds of crafts like making wreaths, using my Cricut for iron-on or cuts, working on my Etsy shop (ChattChicCo), knitting and crocheting and of course, hand lettering!

What’s your favorite self-care tip?