Encouraging the everyday woman to pursue her God-given purpose, live in joy and walk by faith.


Photo by  Nick Morrison  on  Unsplash

About the Blog

In 2017, my life was in a much different place than today. Every ounce of my energy was being spent on dealing with mental and spiritual stress that I only let a few people know about. One Tuesday afternoon, I was sitting in a local Starbucks. Rain was hitting the window and I sat feeling desperately empty. I knew what I wanted in life, but it seemed unattainable. As I prayed and asked for clarity (pretty much everyday during that season), there was always a tug to write and share with women everything from reading her Bible more to finding a suitable self-care routine. I thought it was crazy, but I did it anyways.

In the middle of that season, God began a new work (Isaiah 43:19) and let me embark on a journey. It’s taken me a few tries, a few stop and goes, and a few failures to see that part of purpose is to curate a blog for the everyday woman.

Maybe you’re a single mom, a 10-year’d married woman, a college girl, or a single lady, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you’re free to pursue purpose; you have permission to live in joy; and above all, you’re encouraged to walk by faith. You have all the grace you need to be a better you, and best of all, you will constantly be reminded of your worth and value. With Christ holding our hand, let’s take this journey together.

So, friend, thanks for stopping by!