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Wrestling with God: Navigating Tough Seasons Well

Think about your life - have you wrestled with God lately? Have you sat in a season and wrestled with all the fears, doubts, and promises? Have you ever thought, "what good can come from this?" If you have, then welcome, you've made it to the right place. I don't believe you've arrived here by accident. I think you were brought to this for a reason, so I'll do my very best to articulate what the Holy Spirit has laid on my heart for you.

The Lord is Here: Realizing His Presence in the Busy

I’ve been reading quite a bit about Jacob in the last few weeks. He was a trickster but as we see his life develop, Jacob becomes who God intended him to be despite his mistakes. In this chapter we read about Jacob’s dream with the ladder. It says that angels where ascending and descending into heaven. The Bible tells us that the Lord spoke to Jacob from the top of the ladder, promising him the land that Abraham and Issac were given.

Leaving the 99

Reckless is defined as “without thinking or caring about the consequences of action.” So to Him saving one sheep by dying on the cross is reckless. No one did it for us and no one else ever will. He will always be enough for our wandering souls because His love doesn’t ask for permission. In fact, He is love and because of that, we will always have the reassurance that His love will never, ever fail us.

Airing Laundry: Living Fully Known

Does anyone actually enjoy folding laundry? I remember as a child my mom taught me how to fold laundry in the most scarring way. When she was first teaching me, she would give me all the washcloths, then I graduated to towels and shirts. Eventually, she would leave it to me to fold my own clothes…you know, teaching me valuable life lessons at an elementary age.