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My Top 7 Ways for Self-Care

So, do you struggle to relax after a long day? Or, are you unsure of what “self-care” looks like? Maybe you want to take time and pamper yourself, but it seems unattainable in the midst of your busy, hectic life. You all but have to schedule 5-minutes to run to the restrooms or to brush your teeth! I felt like that for a long time, so I began creating a doable routine. As part of my doable routine, I began taking time each morning to rest in the Bible and each night to pray and take baths/pamper my skin for bed. 

Beautiful in its Time

As spring is still a few weeks away, I always get a little eager when Valentine's begins to approach. Normally tiny pots of tulips start to be sold in stores and I just want all of them! But as I walk past each of those plants, I think about the beginning of that flower.