My Top 7 Ways for Self-Care

My Top 7 Ways for Self-Care

Hey there, friends! Apart from bringing you faith posts that will help your spiritual life, I am also going to bring some of my favorite lifestyle tips. Things like favorite face masks or how to de-stress after a bad day, are all topics I want to bring you for a better, overall life. Plus, they are just super fun to talk about! 

So, do you struggle to relax after a long day? Or, are you unsure of what “self-care” looks like? Maybe you want to take time and pamper yourself, but it seems unattainable in the midst of your busy, hectic life. You all but have to schedule 5-minutes to run to the restrooms or to brush your teeth! I felt like that for a long time, so I began creating a doable routine. As part of my doable routine, I began taking time each morning to rest in the Bible and each night to pray and take baths/pamper my skin for bed. 

It can be very difficult to reset after long days, but I am sure that with my list of a few favorites, you will be well on your way to feeling like a new woman! Now remember, none of these things should feel or be like work. If they start to, just simply back away and try something different for a little bit. 

Read my Bible + Pray

First, reading my bible and praying is a HUGE piece of my everyday life. I read and pray every morning and night, and throughout the day if I begin to feel stressed I go back to praying. It’s a piece of the Christian lifestyle that is my favorite and the healthiest thing you could do for yourself. Keep following along for prayer advice and bible reading tips!

Essential Oils

I'm an avid Young Living user, and have been for a few years now. I love using essential oils and seeing how they add a benefit to my life. I know that after a long day I can put a couple drops of lavender in my bath and relax, clear my senses and feel more ready to sleep. I know it can be overwhelming to start using oils, so here are a few of my favorites: lavender, bergamot, lemongrass, Valor (YL blend), peppermint and Dragon Time (YL blend). If you’d like to learn more, let’s talk!

Long Baths

I've always been a fan of baths at the end of the day and before bed. With the right products, you can induce relaxation and literally wash away worries. From Lush's bath bombs to dropping essential oils in your water, baths are perfect for setting good nighttime vibes. Now, I know some people’s opinions that taking a bath is dirty - no, no, no…with the right blend of bath salts, oils and even herbs, baths become almost like a sacred piece of your routine. Literally, my favorite part after a long, tiring day!


I went through a dark time in my life where reading was not something I enjoyed. But, thankfully, I can’t say that anymore. When I start to feel stressed or overwhelmed I reach for a fiction classic like The Great Gatsby (my favorite since forever), or I read about an interest of mine like space (yep, super nerd). Reading helps you explore other worlds without leaving your couch or bed, and it also frees up the piece of your mind that feels overwhelmed. If you need a few recommendations, just ask! And don’t worry, I’ll start book recommendations!


I'm a writer at heart, and when I'm not reading, I'm normally writing. Keeping a daily journal has become a huge piece of my life. I write down inspiration, prayers, struggles, praises, gratitudes and so much more. I use it to get my stress out and to embrace my flaws. It’s a relief to create a space with a journal because it intentionally lets me see the things I need God’s help on. Plus, it’s fun to document life and create snapshots with a few words.

Take the Long Way Home

In my undergraduate I started dealing with stress, depression and anxiety. I had a lot of pressure on me, and so, I would take the long way home. I found those drives to be important to me and could release all the stress, pray, think, talk, blare music and get away for a few minutes. Sometimes I still take a drive after a long day at work or to get away from people and be alone for just a few minutes to reset.

Use a Face Mask

Face masks are another thing I reach for after a long day. Not only does it help my skin look better, they smell good and make me feel better. Now, I love trying prestige brand cosmetics and skin care, so most of what I list will be from Sephora or Ulta. However, Target also has a few great products that I’ve tried and enjoyed. 

But, for the sake of this post and telling my favorites that I use weekly, here they are: (Side note, clicking and buying from links I post might mean I get a commission.)

  1. Farmacy’s Honey Potion

  2. Summer Friday’s R+R Mask

  3. Kiehl’s Since 1851 Calendula & Aloe Soothing Hydration Mask


What are a few of your favorite ways to unwind throughout the week?


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