Shark Attack Cupcakes

Shark Attack Cupcakes

Hey friends! Alright, let’s be honest - I am NOT a food blogger, but I do have a deep affinity for cute treats. Especially cute treats that involve sharks and Shark Week. And, who doesn’t enjoy sneaking a sweet ever now and again?! I also have a real, honest love for anything shark-related and find these creatures absolutely amazing. Learning about them is so enjoyable for me, and snacking along is even better!

I made these Shark Attack Cupcakes in preparation for Shark Week, and I am so excited to finally share! Check them out!

Makes 24 Cupcakes


  • 1 Box Devil’s Food Cake Mix (Plus, all the ingredients on box to make.)

  • 1 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract

  • 1 Container Cream Cheese or Buttercream Icing

  • Wilton Blue Food Coloring (I used this one.)

  • Wilton Red Food Coloring (I used this one.)

  • Pearled Sprinkles

  • Gray Fondant


  • Follow the box cake mix directions, and add in the teaspoon of vanilla extract.

  • Bake according to the box directions.

  • While the cupcakes are baking, set aside a small portion of the icing and mix in red food coloring. Start with a small amount, then increase according to color desire. Place in fridge.

  • With the remaining icing, mix in blue food coloring and increase coloring according to desire. Place in fridge.

  • Once cupcakes are done baking, let cool completely. (I place mine in the freezer for 20 minutes.)

  • Remove icing from fridge; Using a piping bag and flower pipe tip, start placing the blue icing on one side of the bag. On the other side of the bag, place the red. The colors should look side-by-side so they swirl when you begin piping.

  • Remove cupcakes and begin piping as shown in the photo.

  • Using the gray fondant, roll and cut into triangles as shown in the photo to look like fins.

  • Place the fins in the middle of the cupcake, and add the pearled sprinkles.

  • If not serving immediately, place in fridge.

  • Enjoy!

shark attack cupcakes
shark attack cupcakes
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