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Start Walking: When Life Starts to Change

I struggle to put into words how I knew I was at a point of moving in a different direction. It’s easiest explained this way – I came to a point that I knew I required a deeper faith for a different season. We grow in and out of seasons, and the key to knowing when a season is changing is being in touch with the Creator of them. We don’t choose our seasons, but we do choose where we place our trust.

Beautiful in its Time

As spring is still a few weeks away, I always get a little eager when Valentine's begins to approach. Normally tiny pots of tulips start to be sold in stores and I just want all of them! But as I walk past each of those plants, I think about the beginning of that flower.

Leaving the 99

Reckless is defined as “without thinking or caring about the consequences of action.” So to Him saving one sheep by dying on the cross is reckless. No one did it for us and no one else ever will. He will always be enough for our wandering souls because His love doesn’t ask for permission. In fact, He is love and because of that, we will always have the reassurance that His love will never, ever fail us.